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Great Expectations From Our Ewes

Great expectations

We are all awaiting the patter of tiny feet!

I have been a butcher for a long time, but my first venture into the world of farming involves these lovely ladies.

They are pedigree Dorset Down ewes and are all expecting twins, with lambs due any day.

One of the oldest breeds of native sheep, Dorset Downs are justifiably known as “king of the prime lamb breed”.

It all came about when I was talking to my close friend, local solicitor Richard King, and it turned out we both had a hankering to have our own small flock.

So we contacted Martin Clunes at Buckham Farm, who provides our lamb for the shop and “Spud” the farm manager sorted us out with the ewes – and of course, introduced them to a very fine ram!

So this summer, all being well, we will be sheep farmers until late September when we will send the lambs to slaughter.

It’s a steep learning curve for us and we’ll be keeping you up to date with how it goes and how Richard gets on when he learns to butcher his own lamb!

At the end of the day, it’s all about quality local food and knowing exactly where our meat comes from, which is what Framptons is all about. Watch this space for updates.

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